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so much film...

I have so much film to develop.

the pink room

The house on State Road 37 that I shot numerous times between 2007-2008 finally caved in on itself. This was my favorite room.



Disposition Series photographs that correspond with Disposition: Home Video Retrospection video piece will be shown at "i am home" exhibition at The Sarasota Art Center and will run from May 20th to July 9th.

I am feeling a little distanced from everything these days, but am excited to move again into our new place and purge most of my possessions. I just want to have the environment, time, and devotion to photograph, shoot video, watch films, read new and exciting things, study, research, sort, organize, & create an amazing website.


the end is near i can feel it.

okay fine sure whatever yeah why not okay fine alright yeah.

after cleaning the house all day i sorted through the records i want to play at my solo show next friday. everything should be ready to hang by this friday- best of ringling night. i got in one of my early large format series pieces. i think i may have won an award for it. we'll see what comes of that. my cat makes me angry sometimes, i miss my best friends and wish i could just hide and read until thesis. but i'm supposed to be reading baum's 'oz' and i'd rather just sleep. k bye.


first thesis image

This is the first of four final photographs that will correspond with my video piece. It was shot in my hometown, Lakeland at carter road park. Thanks to Blake for making these images at all possible. Bike trailin it with a 4 x 5, it sure wasn't easy. But I'm quite happy with the result of all that sweat and sneezing.