moby the cat.

This year's Holiday break has been pretty bizarre. In ten days we spent the night at five different places, traveling up through Texas. Not nearly as impressive as my previous road trip last year, but pretty fun none the less. Got a lot of reading done, and enjoyed seeing family. Just a shame how things alter greatly as you get older. If I could choose one word to sum up the past few weeks: disappointment would be it. But things are getting better. Yesterday Blake & I went to get our new addition to our home- no it wasn't more vintage shit: it was a cat! 
We got him from the Humane Society (hello discount for taking photos there an entire semester) and his name is Moby. He's 2  1/2 years old and as sweet as can be. Last night, he slept on half my pillow, and took up at least a fourth of the bed. Pretty exciting. Well, I know I haven't been posting photographs in awhile, but that will all change soon, what with the my final semester starting in about a week. Hello, darkroom, I'm longing for youuu. Between an independent study with my wifey Sally (all large format darkroom printing, SHOT IT ALL OVER BREAK!), Thesis, and Portfolio, more work will be posted soon.

P.S.- I miss my friends, I don't know how many times on Christmas Day I wanted more than anything to drive to Sean's House and have everyone be there like old times. 


  1. i wish i had everyone at seans house too !!!

  2. Aw, I've been missing you all so much. Hope your holiday was great, and that you are having an amazing time in Europe, as I'm sure you are. Love and miss.